Senator Dual Grip Driver Set 10 Pce

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Senator Screwdriver Set

Senator dual grip screwdrivers are designed to fit and feel comfortable in your hand, this allows the maximum amount of torque to be applied easily and rapidly to screws. The blades of Senator® dual grip screwdrivers are manufactured from chrome vanadium steel with a chrome plated polished finish for improved corrosion resistance, the tips of each screwdriver are magnetic to assist in positioning screws prior to fastening in recessed fixtures.

Dual Grip Screwdriver Set (10 Pieces)
Crosspoint: No.2 x 100mm, No.3 x 150mm, No.2 x Stubby.
Pozidriv: No.2 x 100mm, No.3 x 150mm.
Slotted parallel: 3 x 75mm, 5 x 150mm, 5 x 250mm.
Slotted flared: 8 x 200mm, 6mm x Stubby.