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Auto laser switch off after 90 seconds

Auto power switch-off after 180 seconds

The Makita LD080PI includes inclination sensor. EG: You can measure the inclination of a roof by placing housing on the slope.

Plus: Height tracking and 360 levelling.

It is compact and robust for indoor and outdoor use and is built to Certified ISO 16331-1 standard.

Typical Measuring Tolerance: 1.5 mm / 10m

Max Measuring Tolerance: 2.5 mm / 10m

Range of target plate: 80 m

Typical Range: 80 m

Smallest unit displayed: 0.1 mm laser point: 6mm at 10m

Laser class: 2Laser type: 635 nm, < 1 mW

Protection class: IP54Tripod Thread: 1/4"

Auto laser switch off: after 90 s

Auto power switch-off: after 180 s

Battery durability (2 x AAA): up to 5000 measurements

Dimension (H x D x W): 117 x 57 x 32 mm

Weight (with batteries): 138 g

Temperature range:- Storage -25 to 70 C-

Operation -10 to 50 C

Total Shipping Weight: 1kg

Comes with:-
Pouch- Hand strap- 2 x AA batteries

Functions: Single distances

Minimum measurement

Maximum measurement

Addition of measurement

Subtraction of measurements

Area calculation

Volume calculation

Pythagoras (2-point)

Pythagoras (3-point)

Pythagoras (partial height)

Stake out function

Timer function

End piece flip out auto detection

Memory (20 last displays)360 inclination sensor

Height tracking