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Tradequip Jack Axle Stand (TOOT2806)


  • 6 Ton.
  • Minimum Height - 395Mm.
  • Maximum Height - 605Mm.
  • Self Locking Ratchet.
  • Large Saddle.
  • Self Locking Handle.
  • Ductile Iron Rack.

Dimensions: 22 x 29 x 45cm.

  • Unique structural leg design combines integral bracing and welded corner supports for greater stability.    
  • Ductile iron rack automatically locks into position when raised.
  • Positive lock safely releases handle.


  • Do not exceed rated capacity.
  • Use on hard, flat and level ground only.
  • Always use the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended lift points.
  • Position the load at the centre of the saddle and release the jack slowly.
  • Secure emergency brake before use.
  • Always secure tyres which are not lifted off the ground.
  • Make sure the stands and load are stable before attempting any work.
  • Use the jack stands as a matched pair to support one end of the vehicle only.